The Chronicles Of Narnia – The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

As the pure, white snow tumbled from the clear, blue sky, the four children stepped into a magical land and ran towards tall fir trees covered in crystal clear sprinkles…

Lucy had been to a wondrous world! She had stepped through the wardrobe walked towards a lampost as black as the night sky, had tea with a faun and had a wonderful tea of cake, toast and sardines. Yet her brothers and sisterĀ didn’t believe that she had fell through a wardrobe and entered a magical land stayed there for hours and came out when they were still just leaving the room with her! Lucy felt very upset when later on they all went to see if Narnia was there, but they found the back of the oak wood wardrobe. as they left the room once more watery shields of sadness appeared over Lucy’s eyes. For the next few days Lucy was filled with sadness and wouldn’t play,but yet did she know what would happen on the next rainy day…

Christmas Acrostic Poem

C hestnuts roasting on a open fire,


R eindeerĀ  prancing by the window pane,

I cing on the cake as sweet as sugar cane,

S tockings on the chimney wall,

T rees in houses on every street,

M ist in the window,

A ngel ornaments on the tree,

S anta! Santa! For you and me!