Year 2 Geography

In Year 2, the children are learning that a compass is a navigational instrument which shows us directions (North, South, East and West). The children put their knowledge of compass directions to the test by exploring key landmarks in our playground. In addition, the children labelled the compass points using a word bank and used their knowledge of directional language to plan a route to Heaton Hall.

Science After School Club

The science club had a fantastic time exploring cornflower slime. There is lots of science going on in this simple experiment. Cornflour is made up of lots of tiny starch particles and when it is mixed with water, the starch particles become suspended in liquid as the water moves in between them. The children found out that when they moved their fingers slowly through the mixture, it acted like a liquid. When they punched it or squeezed it, it behaved like a solid.

The Science bit!

Year 2 Science

This term in science the children will be looking at ‘Uses of everyday materials’ Pupils should be able to identify and discuss the uses of different everyday materials, so that they become familiar with how some materials are used for more than one thing or different materials are used for the same thing. They should think about the properties of materials that make them suitable or unsuitable for particular purposes and they should be encouraged to think about unusual and creative uses for everyday materials. Pupils might want to find out about people who have developed useful new materials, for example John Dunlop, Charles Macintosh or John McAdam.

KS2 Astronomy Evening opportunity

What an exciting opportunity for any budding Bowker Vale scientists!

Co -op Academy Manchester and their science teachers would like to invite all KS2 pupils to their Astronomy Evening next week on Wednesday 22 November, 4:30pm – 6:30pm. 

It will include the chance for children to try out star gazing, building rockets, robotics and more. There’s no booking process – all they ask is that children are accompanied by an adult.  Sounds like lots of fun!