The Best Day Ever

It was the best day ever. Of course it was the 25th of December. It was that day when I woke up and got everything I wished for. It all began at 6:00 when I woke up and rushed upstairs I woke up my sister first then I woke up my dad. After that I went into the living room and seen a big pile of presants for me. At first I opened the small presents. Out off the small presents I got a new pair of shoes,a tracksuit,and a lot more my main present off my stepmom and dad was a new MGP vx6 team scooter. At 12:00 I went to my mums house and seen a bmx lying down on the couch after that I opened more presents at my mums I got another pair of shoes and tracksuit. Me and brother got a present where we opened it together and it was a new bag and louds of stuff in it then I saw at the corner of my eye a PS4 in a bag I was so happy and gave my mum a big hug. At around 4:30 I ate my Christmas dinner it was really nice. After that I played on my PlayStation with my friends all night.


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