How to make a jam sandwich

                 How to make a jam sandwich


You will need:

2 slices of bread

A knife [clean]



2 plates [ clean ]



1] Firstly , thoroughly wash your hands with water and hand wash . You shouldn’t start to make food with dirty hands , as they will make the food get germs on it, and then you may feel sick after eating.


2] Next, take one of your plates and place one slice of bread on it . You will need a clean , fresh plate , because if it is dirty it will put germs on your jam sandwich.


3]Then, gently smooth and spread the butter onto one of sides of the slices of bread with your knife.You have to do this gently as not to rip the bread .


4] After that , place your other slice of bread on the other plate .Carefully spread some butter on one side.You will have to start from one side to make sure that the jam is properly covering one side of the bread.


5] Once you have done that , open the lid of your jam pot and slide some jam onto your knife . Think about how much jam you will need , depending on the size of your slices of bread.


6] Then , get one of the slices of bread and , on the side that butter is on , Start to spread jam on it.Eventually , you will finish it.


7] After that , get your other slice of bread and do the same: on the side with butter on , spread jam .


8] Then , on the sides which you have spread , put the slices together .


9]Finally , eat and munch on your jam sandwich.Enjoy!


Tip:Wash you hands after , as they may be a little dirty!You don’t want germs on your hands, do you?





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