The Sloth Family

Sloths, Anteaters and Armadillos, who may not look very similar, are actually al from the same family. This small family of mammals are called the Xenarthrans, (ex-en-arth-rens).  Their bodies are all the same on the inside;

  • a small brain each
  • very few or no teeth
  • sharp claws

Did you know?…

  1. more than 12 sloths die each week, grabbing their arm thinking it’s a branch. Then, tragically, it falls to it’s death.
  2. The sloths natural habitat is a tree, yet people are chopping them down so the sloths drop down, just  like the trees.
  3. The mother sloth carries her infant child, for up to nine months on her chest. The mother does this so the slothling doesn’t fall, an so it can get to leaves, mushrooms and food that it can’t reach.
  4. Sadly, there is only 2 species of sloth left. That is the two toed sloth and the three toe sloth.

Rude,or cute- I still love them!!!!


Sneaky, or just simply happy- I still can’t get enough of them!!!

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