Jack’s Holiday To Sand-Le-Mere!!!

Friday 6th October, me, my dad, my brother(Kieran) and my granddad all went to a caravan in sand-le-mere. It was a 2 hour journey, but it felt for ever. We all went because they were showing a firework display, like every year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             When We Got There.

 Arriving at the caravan, we stopped of at Withernsea to go shopping for: milk, bread, butter, crisps, cereal and chocolate biscuits. After we went shopping we all went to mine and Kieran’s favourite pizza place, my dad and granddad got a chippy. parking up, me and Kieran got our food and rushed inside and also set up all the food while the others got the important stuff, like:phones and keys.After we ate, we watched TV and went to bed.

The Next Day.

It was finally the day for the fireworks to start. I was so happy, happy that I couldn’t wait. When I woke up(7:15), I got ready, but the firework didn’t start in the morning. I was waiting for everybody to get up, so I watched TV for a while. When everybody woke up at 10:00 we went to withernsea to get more stuff from the shop and also we went to the park to play basketball for a couple minutes. After we played basketball me and Kieran earned £4 to spend at the arcade, but before we spent it our granddad let us play bowling(two games).  Kieran beat me both times.

The Firework Show.

At the show I put my hat and gloves on so I wont be burnt by the flame of the bonfire. Exploding fireworks pop up from the ground. My personal favourite was the firework that split into three fireworks and when it exploded it crackled, like rice crispies. The firework show was the loudest and best show, but it wasn’t as good as last years firework show.

After The Show.

After the show we all went inside the pub/arcade and got two cokes(Me and Kieran) and two John smiths(Dad and Granddad). We got some money(£10) and went in the arcade, after we spent all of our money we got some chip and headed back to the caravan.

The Last Day.

On the last day because Kieran and I didn’t want dinner we had a big breakfast and set off back home.This was the end of my holiday.

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