One stormy night Roco was lieying down in bed. Boom! Bang! Something was on the roof! It woke him up suddenly! He couldn’t get to sleep he had to stay awake all night.

The next day outside when the sun was shining bright, Roco was told by his dad “Please give these cakes and medicine to your ill grandmother.”

Roco then seted off, during this journey Roco met an unusual girl. He asked her “Who are you?”

She replied back “I am here to help.”

Roco then Annouced ” Can you tell me where my grandmas house is?”

“It’s straight ahead.”she answered.

Roco then continued his journey. Roco looked up to the sky and saw grey clouds approaching so he ran   . After a few minutes running Roco found a nice fluffy coat.

Trees were blowing the the thunder storm started BANG BANG I ran until I saw something in the distance, it was grandmas house I ran and ran and ran.

I approached the front door I kocked. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK grandma with a sor voice exlamed come in my dear I opened the front door and walked over hugged her tight and in the end we shared the cakes the medicens for her.