Diary of a viking kid 3

I woke up around half past three because I was so excited about Christmas, however I knew that I would get in trouble for waking up at such an early time, so I went back to sleep. I next woke at six and decided that the time was appropriate. I then ran and jumped on Asel shouting “Oden’s came!!!”

We then both woke mother and father and we all headed to the kitchen. We weren’t allowed to look at the tree until we had had breakfast. We all had bread and jam, me and Asel lacking every last drop off. We then went to the tree road see that Oden really had been. He had left us all sorts of treats such as: new clothes, sweets, satsumas and a few whistles and dolls made from bones and wood. It was amazing. We then all had Christmas dinner a little while later. This included: Chicken, sprouts, carrots and bread with a little soup.

Later on we all had crispy jam roll, which I had made yesterday.


Today was great and I can’t wait for next year!


Ase xxx


Diary of a viking kid is back!

Today I awoke an hour early and set the stove to heat. After making the bread, I decided to be adventurous and I tried a new type of pastry. I successfully made the pastry and ended up with a crunchy jam roll for tomorrow, Christmas Day! I thought that it would be nice with some cream, so I made some and just as the clocks chimed six, I had finished and was already one job ahead, obviously mother and tater got up later, but I heard Asel trundling down the stairs sleepily, being a nice sister, I made her some bread and butter with my signature cream. She remarked on my amazing bread and silky cream. Asel then left for her job as the town blacksmiths apprentice. Mother and father then awoke, I already had breakfast for them, the same as I gave Asel, and they were very impressed with my jam roll.


I then set out to sharper our deer bone ice skates, so we could go skating later. I then set to darning our skating sets and this didn’t take too long as there were only a few small rips in mine. In my pastimes I like to play with my wooden dolls and my bone marrow sculptures, so I did this, as I had finished my jobs. I gotten hours or so before tea then skating.


For tea we had rabbit stew, from the rabbit dad had caught when he was hunting. I was delicious with my bread, butter and cream mixture.


Later, after tea, dad shouted for me and Asel to get on our kits and for us to prepare a picnic for at the lake, where we skate. We did this and strolled off to the lake.


I finally mastered the pirouette and gracefully put on a show for the other villagers and even earn a penny from one or two generous people. I didn’t even fall once!!!


Today was great but tomorrow will be better, I’m writing this by candle light, but should stop so Oden and Sleptneir come.

Ase Xxx