Remembrance Day Blackley Forest 11.11.22

On Friday 11.11.22, Year 6 had a visit to ‘The Remembrance Meadow’ – an area in Blackley Forest – where we spent some time with Dot and some of ‘The Friends of Blackley Forest’.

The children read some poems – both some well known poems and some that they wrote themselves. They did an amazing job.

We were thrilled to be joined by some talented bugle players who played ‘The Last Post’, we observed a two minute silence and heard the cannons in the distance.

We laid a wreath on the memorial bench, and a selection of the lovely poems that some of the children have written are now permanently displayed there.

Year 6 WW1 class assembly

On Thursday, both 6M and 6W showed off their knowledge of WW1 by performing in a class assembly for children, teachers and families.

They told the story of how the Great War began, which countries were involved, what life was like for the soldiers in the trenches and how we remember the war today. This was all shown by acting, singing and poetry reading.

We hope everybody enjoyed watching!




6M – remembering the soldiers

On Friday 9th November, we visited Blackley Forest to participate in a short ceremony to remember the soldiers who have fought for us.

Some of the children in 6M had written some powerful poems, which they wanted to share with all those who joined us on this special morning.

Their writing highlighted the sacrifices the soldiers made, the struggles they faced and how grateful we are for everything they did for us.

Their poems will be kept and displayed for the next 12 months in a memory book, which will be found at our memorial bench in Blackley Forest.




Remembrance Thank You

In year 6, we have been learning in our Topic lessons all about World War 1. As part of our World War 1 day, 6W have created a thank you video. The children decided what they wanted to say thank you for and what they would like their background image to be when using the green screen. We then linked all of the individual videos together for one whole class thank you.

We will remember.

When the sky is grey,
When silence finally falls.
Now bullets being shot,
Nobody being killed.
This is the time when the Great War ended

We will say thank you to those,
Who sacrificed their life.
They lived,they fought,they loved and they died.
Now we remember by glorious memorials we respect and we remember.

We say thank you to those,
Who represented our country during their line of duty.
They left their presoius families for there country.

This year is the 100th anniversary,
We wear our poppies with our heads held high.
We will be proud of what they did!!!
Thanks you