Off-spring Genes Homework 18.01.17

How off-spring get genes from their parents and the probability

Off-spring are basically children. Theye are from their parents and this is why they are called off-spring. For example:

If the mum had blonde hair and the dad had black hair the baby could have blonde, black or brown hair. Theach baby would get blonde hair if the mum had a stronger gene and vice versa. The baby would however get brown hair if the genes combined.

So another example could be:

If the dad was infectious and the mum wasn’t thereally would be a 50% chance of the off-spring being infected.

Another way to explain this would be to say:

The mum has gene A

The dad has gene B

If the dad’s genes were stronger, the baby would most likely have the gene B, and the same the other way around.

However if the genes were equally in strength the baby would have the gene C or AB

Another example could be the mum could give a gene that would make the baby look like her mother, and the dad could give a gene making the baby look like his father. This would result in the baby looking like the dad’s dad and the mum’s mum.

Because there are 23 pairs of genes ( 46 in total ), the probability of two siblingseparate looking identical is incredibly low.