The Madness Of Madame Malice / ATOMIC / Madame Malice’s Attack / Chapter 9

As the Super-Fast Atomic Bomber hovered over BabbleBrook  village green, Jonny and Tommy Atomic saw a tall tower of smoke rising from BabbleBrook Primary School. Tommy and Jonny hopped out the Atomic Bomber and saw shields of water over witnesses eyes. ”WHAT HAPPENED HERE!” cried Jonny, as he fell to the floor in disappointment.”Who could have caused this!” asked Tommy.

”Are you pleased with your present!?” replied Madame Malice.

”MUM!” cried both the boys

”Why would you do this Mum, you know at least I  like school!” said Jonny glaring at Tommy as he burst into tears.

”Well I’m sorry ,but at least now you can spend quality time with your mother,” declared Madame Malice.

”YOU AND YOU AND FINALLY YOU!!!” screeched Ms Crackdown [Jonny and Tommy’s teacher].”YOU FLATTENED MY HOUSE!”

”MUM” screamed the boys ”WHY!”

”Well I thought you didn’t like school,” said Madame Malice imploringly…