Into the Forest

One late night a terrible storm hit Manchester and in one house there was a kid called Sam, who was the most worried of all. “Oh, I really hope nothing horrible happens,” whispered Sam as he was hiding beneath his warm blanket to scared to come out.

As the hours past, Sam got more and more petrified , but the sun had finally risen. Sam thought that he should go downstairs to have breakfast with his mother.

Once Sam had finished his food he had been  told that he had to go give some food to his Grannie because she was way to old to go and walk to the super market.

Sam was walking outside to go to his Grannies when he heard a silent sound of footsteps. He didn’t know who or what it was…..



Into the forest

Late one night in Manchester a boy called Jeff had a nightmare.As he hiden underneath his duvet  and he stayed there until the next morning.

As soon as his mum woke up he followed hear ,like a little dog.Later that morning he had a full English breakfast and it was delicious.Then he was taken to the front door bascase he (Jeff)had to deliver some sweet treats for his grandma.

On Jeffs way their out off nowear a random person with a cow came called Jack.He was trying to sell him a cow ,but he reajeced it  then he saw a cottage in the middle of the woods .As he creaped towords it a shadow glided past him…..Then he froze……….


Into the forest

Late at night a thunder storm hit Manchester and then jack woke up . He went down stares and stayed up all night .

In the morning when every one was awoke jacks mum told him to go to his granny’s to give her soup because she was ill so then jack set whist shivering

Ahead he saw a forest he went through it because he thought it was the way to his granny’s . He want through…

As soon as he got through he met a strange girl and she screamed

The forest Part 1

Late one night, a large thunder storm hit Manchester, it’s powerful lightning struck trees and cars, it made buildings shake.”Ahh what was that!” thought Jack clutching the covers . He climbed out of bed and carefully tip-toed down the stairs and into the living room. He gazed at the picture of his dad,” I wish you were here, I miss you,” he sobbed quietly.

It was morning and Jacks mother told him to go deliver some sweet treats he had made.” Go on, it will give you some exercise and you’ll get to spend some quality time with granny, it will be fun.”she insisted.

“Fine, only for you mum,” Jack replied as he started to walk through the frozen, damp forest. It was getting colder and colder and Jack was getting more miserable.” Why couldn’t mum just go on her own, and why didn’t I bring a coat, ugh I am so silly…”just at that moment something was glowing, he didn’t know what it was but he did want to find out…

What was it? Why was it there? Should Jack take it?

Into the forest

It was a stormy night in Manchester as a terrible,atrocious lightening flash hit a old cottage.When the lightening struck Brian was awake strait away and he thought to himself”What is going to happen to me and my family”As he racked on his bed.

When the storm stopped he went back to sleep and the next morning his mother asked him to go to his grandma’s house to give Somme goodies,but instead of going the safe way he went into the FOREST…..

When he got in the forest a figure flashed by  he didn’t know what it was so he ran he didn’t look back he just ran and on his way he found a silky cloak he wanted to put it on but the figure went past again so he ran again and by the he knew it he was in granma’s house.

but in the house wasn’t his granma it was the figure ……


Into the forest

It was a stormy night when all the bolts jumped of the dreaded clouds and hit the rocky ground with a loud thud.”I want my mum…”whispered Jack,as he shivered in fear wetting the entire bed.BANG!

The very next morning,Jack woke up still shivering.Gingerly,he ate his dinner,with all the stormy thoughts swimming rapidly trough his mind.

“Jack, will you please go deliver some lovely,yummy treats you have made to grandma?”questioned Jack’s mum,as she gave him the basket.Jack started his journey through the creepy forest,he started to get really tired.He met a seething child sitting aside of the oak-brown tree.Jack wanted to say hello,however he was too tired to open his lazy mouth.

Deeper into the forest,he recognised a fully red,fuzzy coat,suddenly it starts snowing heavily.Straight away he decided to place the warm coat on,however he didn’t know what sort of coat it was.It was cursed…

Into the forest

Late one night, a powerful storm hit Manchester and illuminated the coal- black sky.”I’m terrified! What do I do?”John thought, shivering as the cool moonlight shone upon him.

The next morning, John’s mother gave him a basket of goodies to give to his granny.His mother exasperated him, especially when he was watching TV.

John absolutely detested going to boring, old grandma’s house , so he went a much more exciting way….. THROUGH THE WOODS!!!! He hated the woods of no colour,but it was more adventurous than the main road.

Then he came across GOLDILOCKS!!!! ” Gimme ya munchibles!” She yelled,waving her arms about randomly.

“NO! ” John shouted protectively. He rushed off before Goldilocks could take the basket.

Next, he met Jack selling his cow. “This cow for those here crumbs?” Jack asked, putting Daisy (the cow) forwards.

“NO!” John yelled,thinking they forgot to mention the characters were greedy and surprisingly persuasive.

Deeper in the forest, he came across Hansel and Gretel. “Um…..” Hansel started.

“NO! YOU ARE NOT TAKING MY GRANDMOTHER’S FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!” John bellowed, hardly taking a breath.

Later on, Jack saw a red coat, hanging in mid-air. Oh well, it is snowing….. Putting the coat on, John knocked on Granny’s door. DAD!

He was standing in the doorway grinning broadly.


One stormy night Roco was lieying down in bed. Boom! Bang! Something was on the roof! It woke him up suddenly! He couldn’t get to sleep he had to stay awake all night.

The next day outside when the sun was shining bright, Roco was told by his dad “Please give these cakes and medicine to your ill grandmother.”

Roco then seted off, during this journey Roco met an unusual girl. He asked her “Who are you?”

She replied back “I am here to help.”

Roco then Annouced ” Can you tell me where my grandmas house is?”

“It’s straight ahead.”she answered.

Roco then continued his journey. Roco looked up to the sky and saw grey clouds approaching so he ran   . After a few minutes running Roco found a nice fluffy coat.

Trees were blowing the the thunder storm started BANG BANG I ran until I saw something in the distance, it was grandmas house I ran and ran and ran.

I approached the front door I kocked. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK grandma with a sor voice exlamed come in my dear I opened the front door and walked over hugged her tight and in the end we shared the cakes the medicens for her.

Jack and his gramma

Boom crash bang,as a terrible,tragic storm hit Manchester…..”I am petrified help me,” whispered Jack,while covering himself with the bed cover and as the moon shone up on him.

The next day, Jacks mum told him to go to grandma’s house because she was poorly, to give some goodies to her.”Ok” replied Jack and grabbed the basket and cautiously opened the door to not wake up his dad.

“Ohhhhhhh,” said jack “which way should I go”,as he chose the dangerous way into the forest. As Jack was walking, a black figure glided past him “What was that?”Why did I go this way?”As he started to run but the figure was right behind him……


Into the forest!

One thundery night a storm broke out and Jeff was terrified ,he was gobsmacked when the thunder shook the building.The next morning Jeffs mother sent him to give some food to his poorly grandma.

Wich way should I go?Thought Jeff to himself,so then he went right after 10 minutes of walking he saw a figure in the distance who could it be?

She looked familiar,it was goldilocks.Then she came up to him and started looking him in the eye then Jeff started ignoring her and just ran away from her.

Next Jeff found Jack from jack and the beanstalk.Jack started talking and eventually I ran of.Then Jeff found an red coat hanging on a tree and now he could see his grandmas house .Now it had started snowing so Jeff put the coat on and ran to his grandmas and hugged her.

                                         By Hayan