Home work- Can you write about the changes to Heaton Park over time?

                  The changes to Heaton Park over


Heaton Park is a park that became popular in several months. This park is open to the citizens, based in Manchester, England, that uses up a vast area approximately 600 to 650 acres! Along with this, it had 21 roads by it, which you could use to enter the park, adding to the size.

Heaton Park is famous for many things including: having army camps there during WW1; Heaton Hall being built by Sir Thomas Egerton ( in 1772 ); and a place to remember historical events- such as the Gunpowder Plot.

During 1772, Sir Thomas Egerton contracted the popular architect, James Wyatt to rebuild the existing house.In the 1870s, the population of the East End of Newcastle was growing rapidly and a need for additional space was acknowledged.

Heaton Hall remained in the possession of the Egerton’s, until 1902 when the park was bought by Manchester Corporation and Addison Potter for £230,000, the rest they didn’t have. When Addison Potter of Heaton Hall put some land up for sale, the Corporation bought 22.5 acres at a cost of £12,562 and William Armstrong gave a similar amount to enable a 46-acre park to be created.

In 1912, work began on the grounds of the park, due to war was about to break out…World War 1 started on 28th July 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918.WW1 ( short for World War 1 ) was announced to start, so Manchester Corporation thought they would help out and do their part. The park had army camps there, training bases and trenches.

Many people think they liked doing their part because yet again, they changed their grounds to suit the British army for World War 2.When the Second World War broke out, they built more trenches, built hospitals on site and made, even more, training bases. This actually helped the park become more popular.

In 2002, the park was renovated using over £10 million. With this money, they built an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, a boating lake, an animal farm, a pitch and putt course, a golf driving range, woodlands, ornamental gardens, an observatory and an adventure playground. Also built in 2002 was the only flat green bowling area in Manchester.

Since 20002, no changes have been made to the actual park, other than the wall surrounding it (which has been made higher). The only other change is that Middleton Road, running along the side of the park, has been made wider.


Home work 6M- Can you explain how the eye works?

                         How does the human eye work?                                    By Kimberley Hanson

 The eye is actually a muscle and if you look close enough you will see mini cells( like the blood cells ) in your Iris( the coloured ring that is created by Pigment Melanin in your body. The more Pigment you have in your body, the more chance you have of having dark brown eyes, or hazel eyes. ) Out of all of our senses, we rely the most on our sight.

What do eyes help us do and allow us to do?

In one glance, or even a fraction of a second, your eyes allow you to see different colours, with help from your brain. Your brain is connected to your eyes by cells and vessels.

allow us to see things close and far away, read books, see things that are heading our way- such as a soft ball- and also allow us to focus on the things that we look at. They also allow us to see nature and its beautiful animals and insects that come along with it.

So, how does the eye actually work?

eye diagram web

The way the eye works is pretty simple. When light shines on the Pupil, it goes to you Lens behind your eye, which then projects an image to your brain.

If there is a lot of light, it makes your Iris and your Pupil shrink in size, due to your eyes are fragile, just like they are squinting. The exact opposite thing happens when there is little amounts of light. Your Pupil will go bigger, just like it is straining to see thing that are in the darkness.

Off-spring Genes Homework 18.01.17

How off-spring get genes from their parents and the probability

Off-spring are basically children. Theye are from their parents and this is why they are called off-spring. For example:

If the mum had blonde hair and the dad had black hair the baby could have blonde, black or brown hair. Theach baby would get blonde hair if the mum had a stronger gene and vice versa. The baby would however get brown hair if the genes combined.

So another example could be:

If the dad was infectious and the mum wasn’t thereally would be a 50% chance of the off-spring being infected.

Another way to explain this would be to say:

The mum has gene A

The dad has gene B

If the dad’s genes were stronger, the baby would most likely have the gene B, and the same the other way around.

However if the genes were equally in strength the baby would have the gene C or AB

Another example could be the mum could give a gene that would make the baby look like her mother, and the dad could give a gene making the baby look like his father. This would result in the baby looking like the dad’s dad and the mum’s mum.

Because there are 23 pairs of genes ( 46 in total ), the probability of two siblingseparate looking identical is incredibly low.

Homework 11.01.17/ What Makes Britain Great?

What Makes Britan Great? 

Britain is great for many reasons. You could think Britain is great because of its monarchy, others could disagree with you and think Britain is great because of its celebrity’s and its famous authors and singers. Anything is right because it’s us that makes Britain great…..

The British monarchy 

The British monarchy is one of the reasons for Britain being great. Britain is one of the few countries with a queen, who lives in our country. This making Britain very privallaged.

Famous British authors

There are many British authors such as Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo, and many more authors which make Britan great with their unique and inspirational writing.

Famous British singers and bands

As like the authors, their are many British singers such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, Ozzy Osborne and many more singers who make Britain great with their one of a kind songs.

And finally …



You make Britain great with everything you do and say each day!

Christmas Holidays Blog / Homework 6W

Our homework over the Christmas period was to bog about one or a couple of days. I chose Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I was athinking my dad’s house, so I chose to come home at 2 o clock, so I could be at home for Christmas.

As usual at my dad’s, something weird was going on…

My sister had found a Portuguese youtube video and had decided to watch it, so my dad thought that it would be funny to put on children’s shows on in different languages. These were the ones he put on before we all were crying with laughter, and had to stop:

● Peppa pig in Polish

● Tellytubbies in Russian

●  And Postman Pat in German

(At one point  he tried to put on Postman Pat on in mandarin, but no videos showed up!)

Later on I went home, and a tradition in our house is that on Christmas Eve we get something called a ‘Christmas Eve box’. It’s basically a box or bag with new pyjamas, some sweats or chocolate, some bedsocks, (for me) a new film (my brothers only one) and something to make, do or draw. This year I got some team rudolph pyjamas, some bambino slipper socks, some popcorn, a hot chocolate cup with hot chocolate and marshmallows, Chrismas Vacation (film) and some ornaments to make.

Christmas Day 

I woke up at halfpast 1 in the morning, not relasing the time, I went to tell my mum to wake up. I later woke up at 3 past 6 ando was allowed to open my stocking. When I was done we woke everyone up and went downstairs. Im obviously not goingredients to list everything because I got a lot! One of my favourite gifts was a Sony expira xa (it’s a phone). I also gothink a lot of Bath bombs and beauty products like lip balm, a vanity case, body wash, nail tattoos, nail gems, nail Polish and much more…

I had fun overy the holidaysea and would love to know if we have any similar traditions. Comment below if we do!

Homework 6W 100 word challenge

Once there was a village in Scandinavia, it be lived in all sorts of things such as:

● Reincarnation

● Greek Myths

● Hieroglyphics

And many, many more strange belifes.

One warm day, a fire started at 45 Holoberrie Lane, causing a huge panic. The whole village evacuated and firemen fought the fire. One of their other strange beliefs, was of a dragon who lived in the mountain near the village. They belived that a fire would, one day, awaken the dragon from it’s 1000000 year sleep.

This is exactly what happened when the fire started, the dragon awoke and caused the mountain to collapse…


Comment on what you think happened next!

(The 7 words above and the 12 words here don’t count (Mr Worrall!))

Why is water important? 6W Homework 16/11/16

Why is water important?

Water has many uses, one on many is to drink. But why should we be grateful that we have water?

We should be grateful for the water we have because no many people in countries like Africa have clean water at their disposal. It is said that humans each need up to 50 liters per day to keep clean, drink and cook food. However, the average African may only get up to 20 liters maybe less.

Another reason why water is so important is that an average human cannot survive over 3 days without some kind of liquid, preferably water.

Water also makes up for 75% of our body when we are born, and 66% as we grow older.

5 ways in which water is important

  1. 1. We need it to drink
  2. 2. We need it for cooking
  3. 3. We need it to keep clean
  4. 4. We cannot survive for more than 3 days without some
  5. 5. We need it to grow crops

6W Homework 9/11/16 The Water Cycle

  1. The Water Cycle is the cycle of which rain falls and somehow can go back up to the clouds waiting for it to rain again. Here is how that happens:
  2. 1. First the water falls from the clouds, this is called precipitaction.
  3. 2. Then after the water has fell it travels into streams, rivers and lakes and ends up in the sea.
  4. 3. Then the sun absorbs the water from the sea, this is called evaporation.
  5. 4. Then the water then turns into water vapor.
  6. 5. After that, when the water vapour reaches cool air this forms clouds, this is called condensation.

Our topic question is ‘Will we ever see the water we drink again’ My answer is yes, I think this because with the water cycle continuously happening, the water we drink go’s into the toilet and then is cleaned and released into a river or lake this the travels to the sea, the water cycle happens and the rainwater is then cleansed again, then sent to the taps in our homes, so consitquently the water that comes through our taps has been drunk by dinosaurs! (Did you also know water is impossible to completely get rid of!!!)

Homework/6W/ 07/09/16/ I can create a personal profile…


I can create a personal profile

I’m Faith Gregory

My class is 6W and my teacher is Mr Worrall

Here is a profile about me…

My favourite subjects is art and computing.

My favourite school trip was to Mosi in 4A

Here are some links to some pictures I like…

 http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/Qmoji/Qmoji01.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/Qmoji/Qmoji03.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/Cute monsters/Cute monsters04.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/dog/dog01.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug02.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug01.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug03.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug04.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug08.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug07.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug06.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug05.gif

(A LOT of pictures!)

I am looking forward to PGL because I like the idea of the giant swing!

My favourite sport is Rock climbing

I’m scared of heights

My favourite emojis (emoticons) are…


My favourite picture made out of emojis is this one…







(The spacing kind of messed it up!😢)

I love salmon, corn on the cob and raspberries

My favourite Toy/Teddie is one that my mum got me for my first Easter . When I was little I named him Nunkie

I have two half sibling’s ,but no whole one’s.

My half brother is called Freddy and he is one.

My half sister is called Neave and she is three.

I was born on the 13/01/2006

(My birthday was on a Friday the thirteenth!)

 I was born on the year of the dog but I’m technically a rooster because I was born before the Chinese new year.

My favourite YouTube channel is …


But I also watch…






This was my personal profile

(Comment if we have anything in common!!!)