Learning Ambassador Challenge:Reply

One day a confident,villainous super villain zoomed down the road, flying. What was she up to?

HA!HA!HA! SURPRISE! I am that good  bad super villain (in-training). I am about to commit the worst most famous crime in villain ALL HISTORY!!! That will knock my ‘famous’ brother off his feet! Can you BELIEVE he became a SUPERHERO!? 


How DARE he still show his face in front of our family and STILL live by our family name (Roadkill)!? Mother and father took over the WORLD to teach us how to rule and guess who stopped them!? (OF COURSE IT’S MY BROTHER, WHO ELSE!?) 

Anyway, I’m still here to finish mother and father’s plan and finish my brother off. And guess who I play?

You would’ve never guessed but…..

His goody-two shoes sidekick!

By Ivy Roadkill

The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion , The Witch and The Wardrobe

So far we have read, about how Susan, Peter , Edmund and Lucy got evacuated to the countryside, we have also read about the incredibly long journey on the train. We read about how they were playing hide and seek and then found the icy wonderland , which was called Narnia. Narnia was icy and white ad was always winter , but never Christmas. It was never Christmas because there was a sly , crafty Witch that made it never Christmas, and the exact same Witch made Edmund want to go to her house in Narnia and told him he could become king



For my amazing , mind blowing holiday I went to a restaurant with my family and ate some delicious , yummy food they EVEN HAD ICE CREAM AND POPCORN IN THERE AMAZING!!!!!As I came in I grabbed a plate and went looking around what I want to eat and what I like. After that I went to look for popcorn , ice cream , chocolate , and delicious sweets. By the end I felt sick after all the sweets , but still had a good time and I hope I will be going there back soon to eat more than last time!!!!!! When I got home all I did is went to have a warm bath and plunged my self on my bed and went into a big big big sleep and had a relaxing day. Waiting for tomorrow for another AMAZING day!!!!!!!!!

My trip to London

On the 20th of february me and my family went to London because I have never been there. We got in the car and left for London around 8 o’clock.It took about 4 hours to get there .When we arrived we had Mcdonals ,which was just opersite the traveloge check in ,so we checked in and got ready. After that we got ready we walked all the way to the Feltham tram station and we got of at Waterloo station.We were going on a cruise of the London eye and going in them balls that go round and round.When we arrived we had to book the tickets for the cruise and when we are going in them round balls.We walked to the boat and sat down we saw the Big ben , London eye and   the London bridge.We was sitting on the top  floor of the boat so we didn’t have to look out the window.They told us if you wave at person on the London bridge and they wave back you get five years good luck.After that we walked to the tram station and got of at our stop which was Felham tram station.When we got of we walked all the way to the traveloge and my dad and my brother went to get dominos pizza for us.The pizza was hot and spicy which I love.In the morning we got ready and went to see Buckinim palace .Which was amazing I  felt a bit weird because I was outside the queens house! Then we went to the underground station and went to see the  Madam tuassuads where we saw a short 4D movie and we got a cube with a hologram of me and my family in it.After that we got Mcdonals and we went to the traveloge . In the morning we got ready and had subway then we got in the car to go back home. That was my trip to London.



In the two week holidays I went to France. I went to snowbord with my sister bayaan my dad and me . Our hotel was called chapka. We loved it over there the snow was 4 inches high.we went sledging at 7:00 we went ice skating at 8:00 and we were in bed at ten. We have to wake up at 6:00 so we can be the first on at the moutain first. We always went at the HIGHEST mountain it was so steap like falling of a building. On our last day the day we were going home to Manchester. We had to take our bags to the place were we got our hotel key. We had to wake up at 3:00 in the moning it was snowing on the last day 🙁 . We got on the plane at 11:20 arrived at 1:20 so happy with my family again.