Electricity Homework 23/04/17


Its an amazing thing that is used daily by billions of people.

But what is it? How is it made? Is it dangerous?

This document will tell you everything you need to know about electricity.

What is electricity?

Electricity is a type of power which is used every day. It can be made by lots of sources and can occasionally be dangerous.

What are batteries?

Batteries are small metal containers filled with electricity. They are used to power things such as TV remotes of small lamps.

How is electricity made?

Electricity is made by many different things. A few of the main sources are:

Burning fossil fuels

Wind turbines

Water wheels

And many more.

Can electricity be dangerous?


Electricity can be dangerous in many ways, some being:

Open plug sockets causing electric shocks

Putting knifes in toasters can conduct electricity, causing an electric shock

Even things like leaving plug sockets turned on for a long time and letting devices overheat,can cause a unwanted fire!

So remember:

Turn plugs sockets off and unplug the devices when you are finished

Don’t let things like phones and tablets overheat

Don’t put things that conduct electricity, like metal silverware, in other electrical items, even if they are turned off.

Also remember to recycle tunings like used batteries!


I hope that this document on electricity has helped you better understand how to use electricity and how to stay safe when using it.


Homework/6W/ 07/09/16/ I can create a personal profile…


I can create a personal profile

I’m Faith Gregory

My class is 6W and my teacher is Mr Worrall

Here is a profile about me…

My favourite subjects is art and computing.

My favourite school trip was to Mosi in 4A

Here are some links to some pictures I like…

 http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/Qmoji/Qmoji01.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/Qmoji/Qmoji03.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/Cute monsters/Cute monsters04.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/dog/dog01.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug02.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug01.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug03.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug04.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug08.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug07.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug06.gif   http://cdn.dl.fotoable.net/fotoimg/emoji/ETbug/ETbug05.gif

(A LOT of pictures!)

I am looking forward to PGL because I like the idea of the giant swing!

My favourite sport is Rock climbing

I’m scared of heights

My favourite emojis (emoticons) are…


My favourite picture made out of emojis is this one…







(The spacing kind of messed it up!😢)

I love salmon, corn on the cob and raspberries

My favourite Toy/Teddie is one that my mum got me for my first Easter . When I was little I named him Nunkie

I have two half sibling’s ,but no whole one’s.

My half brother is called Freddy and he is one.

My half sister is called Neave and she is three.

I was born on the 13/01/2006

(My birthday was on a Friday the thirteenth!)

 I was born on the year of the dog but I’m technically a rooster because I was born before the Chinese new year.

My favourite YouTube channel is …


But I also watch…






This was my personal profile

(Comment if we have anything in common!!!)

Faith’s Homework Thursday 12th February 4a’s Trip To John Ryland’s Library

Mrs Ryland                                                                                 Mr Ryland


Our  Trip


On the 10.02.15, 4a when to John Ryland’s library for a tour and a map workshop. First we got our coats and went to the toilet. Then we strolled to the Bowker Vale tram station and had to wait for the tram. Then when the tram came it was so full not all of us could fit in! So we had to wait for the next tram . When we finaly got on the tram we were stuck so much we could not move! We got there and met our tour guide Leanne. She  was very kind. She gave each pair a tour guide booklet and asked us which way  we would have to go to get to the Crawford Room. We went into the Crawford Room and had a small look around. Then we had to move on to the Spencer Room. In the Spencer Room it was full of books . This reminded us of The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr Morris Lessmore.

After, looking around she asked us which way to go to the Historic Reading Room. To get to the Historic Reading Room we had to climb two floors and then walk into the second room. In the Historic Reading Room there was two white marble statues. [ displayed at top ] One of  Mrs Ryland and one of Mr Ryland.  Mr Ryland  had died before the library was constructed , so the library was constructed in his honour.

Next, it was time to have our workshop , so we went to the Education Room. First we had to find several different places on a map of today . Then we had to study a map from the past and answer the questions on our case notes sheet. We each got a magnifying glass and a evidence pack with clues in per table and also one map per table. After we studied the maps we had to present them in time order.  My group had the sheet of Manchester in 1751.

After that, it was time to go, so we said thank you and set foot for the tram stop we got on the tram to Bury and had a long wait on the tram before we could get off.

When we got back to school we carried on with our day with eating our lunch and went on the blog then went home.