Homework 6W 100 word challenge

Once there was a village in Scandinavia, it be lived in all sorts of things such as:

● Reincarnation

● Greek Myths

● Hieroglyphics

And many, many more strange belifes.

One warm day, a fire started at 45 Holoberrie Lane, causing a huge panic. The whole village evacuated and firemen fought the fire. One of their other strange beliefs, was of a dragon who lived in the mountain near the village. They belived that a fire would, one day, awaken the dragon from it’s 1000000 year sleep.

This is exactly what happened when the fire started, the dragon awoke and caused the mountain to collapse…


Comment on what you think happened next!

(The 7 words above and the 12 words here don’t count (Mr Worrall!))

Why is water important? 6W Homework 16/11/16

Why is water important?

Water has many uses, one on many is to drink. But why should we be grateful that we have water?

We should be grateful for the water we have because no many people in countries like Africa have clean water at their disposal. It is said that humans each need up to 50 liters per day to keep clean, drink and cook food. However, the average African may only get up to 20 liters maybe less.

Another reason why water is so important is that an average human cannot survive over 3 days without some kind of liquid, preferably water.

Water also makes up for 75% of our body when we are born, and 66% as we grow older.

5 ways in which water is important

  1. 1. We need it to drink
  2. 2. We need it for cooking
  3. 3. We need it to keep clean
  4. 4. We cannot survive for more than 3 days without some
  5. 5. We need it to grow crops

6W Homework 9/11/16 The Water Cycle

  1. The Water Cycle is the cycle of which rain falls and somehow can go back up to the clouds waiting for it to rain again. Here is how that happens:
  2. 1. First the water falls from the clouds, this is called precipitaction.
  3. 2. Then after the water has fell it travels into streams, rivers and lakes and ends up in the sea.
  4. 3. Then the sun absorbs the water from the sea, this is called evaporation.
  5. 4. Then the water then turns into water vapor.
  6. 5. After that, when the water vapour reaches cool air this forms clouds, this is called condensation.

Our topic question is ‘Will we ever see the water we drink again’ My answer is yes, I think this because with the water cycle continuously happening, the water we drink go’s into the toilet and then is cleaned and released into a river or lake this the travels to the sea, the water cycle happens and the rainwater is then cleansed again, then sent to the taps in our homes, so consitquently the water that comes through our taps has been drunk by dinosaurs! (Did you also know water is impossible to completely get rid of!!!)

The Chronicles Of Narnia – The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

As the pure, white snow tumbled from the clear, blue sky, the four children stepped into a magical land and ran towards tall fir trees covered in crystal clear sprinkles…

Lucy had been to a wondrous world! She had stepped through the wardrobe walked towards a lampost as black as the night sky, had tea with a faun and had a wonderful tea of cake, toast and sardines. Yet her brothers and sister didn’t believe that she had fell through a wardrobe and entered a magical land stayed there for hours and came out when they were still just leaving the room with her! Lucy felt very upset when later on they all went to see if Narnia was there, but they found the back of the oak wood wardrobe. as they left the room once more watery shields of sadness appeared over Lucy’s eyes. For the next few days Lucy was filled with sadness and wouldn’t play,but yet did she know what would happen on the next rainy day…

The Madness Of Madame Malice / ATOMIC / Madame Malice’s Attack / Chapter 9

As the Super-Fast Atomic Bomber hovered over BabbleBrook  village green, Jonny and Tommy Atomic saw a tall tower of smoke rising from BabbleBrook Primary School. Tommy and Jonny hopped out the Atomic Bomber and saw shields of water over witnesses eyes. ”WHAT HAPPENED HERE!” cried Jonny, as he fell to the floor in disappointment.”Who could have caused this!” asked Tommy.

”Are you pleased with your present!?” replied Madame Malice.

”MUM!” cried both the boys

”Why would you do this Mum, you know at least I  like school!” said Jonny glaring at Tommy as he burst into tears.

”Well I’m sorry ,but at least now you can spend quality time with your mother,” declared Madame Malice.

”YOU AND YOU AND FINALLY YOU!!!” screeched Ms Crackdown [Jonny and Tommy’s teacher].”YOU FLATTENED MY HOUSE!”

”MUM” screamed the boys ”WHY!”

”Well I thought you didn’t like school,” said Madame Malice imploringly…


Christmas Acrostic Poem

C hestnuts roasting on a open fire,


R eindeer  prancing by the window pane,

I cing on the cake as sweet as sugar cane,

S tockings on the chimney wall,

T rees in houses on every street,

M ist in the window,

A ngel ornaments on the tree,

S anta! Santa! For you and me!

The Bear and the Hare

Chirping cheerfully, a gaggle of geese flew across the sky of the forest to head for warmer weather, while a bear and a hare plodded down a winding path. The bear stood up and the hare slid down his back.


As the curious bear looked up to find a soft snowflake had landed on his rough, black nose.

The bear frowned.

”What’s the matter friend?” asked the hare as her ears drooped.

”Nothing I just need to hibernate now” replied the bear ” I will take you to your friends, so I can go and hibernate.”

The bear took the hare to his friends, who were wrapping Christmas presents, and left.

”But bear!” shouted hare

”Goodbye.” added bear.

The bear left the hare to go and hibernate…