The Bare The Hare

Deep in the forest, huge kind bear and his friend the Hare trudged through the windy path. Suddenly the bear lifted his head and nocked the hare off his back .Without warning a snowflake landed on his nose.

” oh no time to hibernate”


The Bear and the Hare

Early in the misty, morning, above the deep, blue river there was a flock of birds flying to a warmer place and a forest full of green trees. Inside the deep forest there was a gentle brown bear walking along the mossy,bumpy path. However the bear was not alone he had his best friend with him. It was a hare.

Then suddenly the bear lifted his head up in the air and the hare slid down his back . The bear noticed that there was a snow flake on his nose. The bare yawned as the hare’s happiness turned into sadness. The bear was going to hibernate for 6months.

(hare) “Bare has to hibernate now.”    “Bye, ” said the bare while  taking hare to the other animals.






Bare and Hare

As the journey began the crunchy,papery leaves were falling,Beaneth the branches folwing the gentle widing path.The bare was trudging.Condently the Bare was holding Hare on his hairy back.Soon the Bare felt ice on his nose.Hare looked at Bare sadly.

“i am so sad that you have to go said hare”.                         ”  Its that time of year said hare”.

There Bear has gone to hibonate.