Landing at the school ,all the children were staring horror at the school. Miss crackdown stomped to Jonny and Tommy and glared at them. Miss crackdown looked at the school dust with a disbelieve in her mouth. The parents were really curios about what happened.Madame malice,who was proud of her work, hoped that her boys were cheerful .Jonny ,who was really sad about the school,was angry about his mums hard work.The students who , were from babble brook school ,were supersized about the school exploding. Madame malice was looking at the wonderful amazing area was proud of her self.Tommy and Jonny were shocked about what happened to the school and Miss Crackdowns house. Miss crackdown ran every were  and then she saw madame malice she walked slowly to Madame malice she scrawled at Madame malice “WHAT HAVE YOU DID TO MY HOUSE!!!”Madame malice got did not say a word.

atomic madam malice show not tell

Aunt sandwich gasped in horror,gazing at the reckage of the school. Tommy was staring at the school which was destroyed,  getting broke into pieces. A girl, who just started the school , cried with terror while the school is break apart.The man, who looked ,like wally, was praying to god to solve this bad,sad situation.Aunt Sandwich felt she was dreaming she was in a place of chaos.As the fire carried on, all the people ran around saying help me! The man, who was wearing a woolly warm hat, pointed at the broken school with blue smoke coming out.The students, who were very smart with a warm green jumper, ran out of school crying for there parents. All the mum and dads kept on shouting for their beloved children to hurry away from the danger.

Madame Malice with a big smile on her face hugged her children and tommy was surprised that her mum was the one who done all this dangerous mess. Ms Crackdown went towards tommy and jonny with their mum with a huge angry scowal.