100 Word Challenge

With tall, brown trees covering the summer sky and birds cheerfully singing a merry tune, the blazing sun beamed down through the beautiful, green leaves and scorched the earth. Amidst the crimson leaves, two companions (oblivious of the world around them) were gleefully skipping along the leaf-strewn path kicking away at the crispy, golden leaves.

Laughing along the way, the young boy hollered, “Do you hear the rustling?”

The other looked quizzically at his friend and answered worriedly,” No…why, what do you think it is?”

Frowning, he replied,” I’m not sure, but I think it was from over there…… RRUUUN-“

100 Word Challenge.

Kristy,Jade and Ruby were strolling through the forest when they heard a joyful sound. It sounded like a circus was going on.Suddenly it stopped and they heard footsteps approaching them or was it them!”We need to earn money so we can be millionairs”said a voice.It was very croaky and the girls decided they should run.Quickly and quietly they sprinted out of the the forest.Soon they reached the countryside,where Jade’s grandma lived.As they turned the corner they saw a little girl who was crying!”Why are you crying,”asked Ruby.”I think I’m lost and I don’t know where my mum is ,” she said”Please help me!”……….

100 word challenge week 24

One bright, hot day I  was going on an amazing holiday to Australia to have a look at it! “Oh I just can’t wait till we reach Australia!” I Screamed  as I was glaring out of the large, busy plane’s window. Everybody were shouting in terror as they were all starring out of the window. I was confused. I didn’t know what was happening. Then when I looked out of the plane window I saw something truely frightening. It was a huge, terrifying octopus trying to find a way to reach up at the plane. My eyes were popping out worriedly.

100 word challenge week 24

“Mum I don’t want to go on holiday!” Screamed Rosie as she picked up her toy crocodile and hugged it tightly. She had to go on holiday to Australia. “Oh Rosie we have to go on holiday, if you don’t you will be all on your own.” declared Rosie’s mum as she picked Rosie up and popped her in the taxi. Their dad scurried after them as quick as a cheetah.

When they were finally at the airport they hopped onto  the aeroplane and flew higher . Then when she looked out of the plane window there was another plane coming. 


100 word challenge the amazing sofa

One bright and hot day Emma was out with her three cousins for a stroll in the park. They went deeper and deeper into the park and they eventually reached something that they had never ever seen before… Stephanie ( Emma’s cousin ) asked all of her cousins,” Hey! Shall we go see please?” Ella,who was one of the smallest cousins, answered back, ” let’s go now!” Because she was the smallest they all agreed.The girls were a bit unsure,but still excited, the girls all kicked the wreaked, old sofa and suddenly… wathches, bracelts, toys, money everything a young girl could possibly wish for.

100 word challenge

There was a couch. In the park.Nobody played on it. It just sat by itself. Alone in the day and night. But … One day a little girl called Lily noticed it and glared. ” What has happened.  To this poor poor couch ,” whispered Lily as she sat on the dirty old couch and hugged It. ” You. are my couch now!” exclaimed Lily.  She took the couch home and she sat on it everyday. The couch wore out more and more. It went grey But one day she had to give her couch away.

Hundred word challenge

One night not just any night a night where zombies,skeltons, creepers and gaint spiders come out at 12:00am. A man named Steve was sitting in his red and white bed. He was so bored he wanted to play on his xbox one. He went down stairs. He switched on his Xbox and started to play. You know that zombies spawn in the dark. Well this zombie did the zombie was strongest of all. He would kill any creature in the house he never dies in the day. He went down stairs and was ready to eat him munch he’s gone.

The old,unlucky sofa

One scary,dark night a really ugly man was walking his cute,tiny dog.After a few minutes he was scanning around to find something interesting and he found a old,unlucky sofa,but the scruffy man didn’t believe it was unlucky.So that night he brought the messy sofa home swiftly and quietly,so no one could rob it.He carried the sofa home silently because he didn’t want anyone to hear.When he came home his house was whole demolished.The house was that much demolished that his eyes almost fell out,his dog was barking so crazily,so he took the sofa and thrown it out of the window.

100 word challenge week 21

Once upon a time there lived a boy who lived in a city with his family. His name was Charlie and his brother’s name was Josh .Him and his big brother loved to go to the football stadium and watch Machester United win.One day they went on holiday to London . When they watched football on the tv. The game was against Machester United and Real Madrid . First United scored then Real Madrid. There was only 20 minites left. ” Who’s going to win please be United.” said Charlie nerversouly .  ” Oh Ronaldo’s got the ball he shoots he scores,” said the man on the tv. The silence was deafening.

100 word challenge week 18

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Jack. He went to a spooky , frightening castle.He had a friend called Mikey who was really clever and funny. They walked in . ” This is a bad idea ” said mikey. “Ahh what was that I could feel.” When Jack looked Mikey wasn’t there. Jack felt confused . “Mikey was just there a minute ago “Jack said. Jack started looking and looking , but Mikey was no where to be seen.”Help Jack”said Mikey. Jack followed the sound into a secret room behind a picture.  . “Who did this to you ” asked Jack . ” A ghost ” said Mikey. “Now lets get out of here.” said Jack.