100 word challenge week 18

Once upon a time, there were two girls called Sam and Britney. They were best friends and they had a big secret. They were SPIES! Their actual missions wasn’t to go to the mall every day; it was to save the world. One day Mandy was winding Sam up until she decided to go the toilet. Sam turned to face her locker soon a hand touched her shoulder , she was thinking ” What was that I could feel?” As quick as a cheetah ( not because she ┬ácheats) she turned around ,there was nobody there. Suddenly everyone started laughing even Britney, who was hanging out with Mandy.Uh oh!







100 word challenge week 18

One stormy night there was a boy called Tommy,who always got up to mischief! He lived in a mansion with his mum, step-dad and his step-brother. He wasn’t very populor in school. Everyone made fun of his name and the clothes that he wear. That doesn’t matter tht much to him: he has imaganary friends







Space story

Ben and Lucy could still remember that gloomy,dark day ,but nothing could stop their (excitement when they were going to the consert).They were the lucky ones.”The winners are Lucy and Ben”uttered the man ,while seeing all the children getting upset and walking away.

Soon they saw the silver,gold rocket ,but that didnt chatch their eyes because the engine was roaring.Then they entered the enormous rocket ,there was twinkly buttons and the chairs were comfy ,like a teddy Bear.After an hour they were in the freaky,fighting space.Lucy and Ben couldnt stop itching their selfs soon they were aloud out.Shocked,amazed,excited they went to explore then suddenly a green,slimy hand touches Ben what was that I could feel………

100 word challenge 18

One sunny, bright day a girl called Amy was walking home alone. As she trodded she reached the Central Park without even knowing. Amy thought why don’t I play in the park for a few I’m sure mum won’t mind. She thought that somewhere in the ground there must be some golden, expensive treasure. So with that thought she dug lot’s of deep dark holes in the muddy, but clean ground without any care of getting her tidy, neat cloth getting dirty. As she was digging like a golden, train dog she eventually she reached something hard and patterned amazingly. What was that I could feel?”…