Shakespeare Workshop!

Year 6T were lucky enough to attend a workshop at Manchester Central Library last week, based around the famous Shakespearian play ‘Macbeth’. We read a 400-year-old book of all Shakespeare’s plays (without touching it!) and then listened to the story of Macbeth. We designed our own characters from the story and then made figurines of them! We used our figurines to help us in our reading lessons back at school. On our way out of the library, we noticed the stained glass window, which showcased some of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies, tragedies and histories!

Future Poets!

Year 6 have been working hard all week on their World War One inspired poetry. We wrote our stanzas on strips of paper and mixed up our classes for a feedback session. We will be redrafting our poems after the half term break in preparation to share them in our class assembly and at the Blackley Forest Remembrance Service on 11.11.23.

Super Scientists!

In year 6, we are really enjoying our science unit where we are learning all about the human circulatory system. A few weeks ago, we dissected hearts to explore their structure and the role they play in our circulatory system. We worked sensibly and safely and had SO many questions afterwards!