Year 1S – On the hunt for Princess Kate’s Hat

Today the children recieved an important letter from Princess Catherine of Wales. She asked Year 1 for their help as her hat had blown off her head on a recent visit to Manchester and she wondered if we would look for it. As Year 1 have lots of knowledge about their local area they were happy to help.

We searched Bowker Vale’s grounds by looking under the types, at the office door, in all the trees, on the Vale Trail, across at Blackley forest and finally we went in the memorial garden.

And there it was, under a bench but with all the beautiful daffodils. We said it was meant to be, what with it being St David’s day on the 1st March, the daffodil being the national flower of Wales and the fact that Kate is the Princess of Wales.

We were so happy to find it for her and we will send it back to her royal highness.

We will now link this ‘hook’ experience to the story of ‘The Queen’s Hat’ by Steve Anthony and in our English lessons we will write our own version on the story but with Manchester and local area landmarks.

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