Dragon Eyes!

This week, year 6 started their new history unit: ‘What does the Vikings’ belief in dragons tell us about them?’ As part of our hook lesson, we designed and created our own dragon eyes, and wrote a whole class dragon alphabet poem! We are so excited about what is to come in the rest of our history unit!

A dragon swooping through the air,

Breathing fire as he fights,

Catching humans to eat,

Death is coming their way.

Emerald green eyes glowing in the dark,

Flying high and breathing out fire,

Growling loudly,

High in the mountains waiting to attack,

Intensely, the dragon zoomed,

Joyfully, the dragon sat on the boy,

Knight’s armour protected him,

Long live the dragons,

Malicious monsters flying down to murder,

Nowhere to hide from the slaughter,

Obvious shadows in the sky,

Physical damage, for dragon is a treat,

Quick as a flash,

Roaring dragons chase the Vikings,

Stealthy Vikings on the run,

Terrible injuries caused by deadly dragons,

Up, the dragon went,

Vikings tried to fight it,

While the sky was darkening,

X marks the spot where dragons hid,

Years later, humans are still searching for them,

Zero dragons have been found.

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