Remembrance Day Blackley Forest 11.11.22

On Friday 11.11.22, Year 6 had a visit to ‘The Remembrance Meadow’ – an area in Blackley Forest – where we spent some time with Dot and some of ‘The Friends of Blackley Forest’.

The children read some poems – both some well known poems and some that they wrote themselves. They did an amazing job.

We were thrilled to be joined by some talented bugle players who played ‘The Last Post’, we observed a two minute silence and heard the cannons in the distance.

We laid a wreath on the memorial bench, and a selection of the lovely poems that some of the children have written are now permanently displayed there.

2 thoughts on “Remembrance Day Blackley Forest 11.11.22

  1. Thank you to all of the children who were so respectful ofthe occasion. I was very proud of you all! The poems were also beautiful.

  2. Please see this email from a local resident –

    Hello everyone

    I managed a walk on Top Meadow in Blackley Forest Park and saw the remembrance display case from the school. The information and poems really moved me. The writings and real writing, within the poppy displayed, showed such care taken in putting this piece together, mounted on a hessian background (a reminder of sandbags for protection in the trenches) for us all to remember those who died and are struggling with moving on in their lives from such destruction of society. As I silently studied the display, I had a thought for Mrs Robinson who was my friend and neighbour and who, I’m sure, would have been very proud of everyone involved with this.

    As a display, I give it full marks. The style of writing I have always known and use it. I think it has been handed down from my grandfather who would have been in WW1. I use a small a and make it as large as the other letters, as an ititial in my signature. It really should be a capital A. I noticed Agatha Christie – a famous novelist – did the same. So I kept it like that. This is to just sign my name though. It is still wrong.

    I hope you all take time to make your handwriting very clear to see and always understood.

    Thankyou all for making the display. It is very much appreciated.
    Anne ANDREA Dempsey

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