6P ‘Balsam bashing’ in Blackley Forest

6P had a very energetic morning, tearing up Himalayan Balsam from areas near the river in Blackley Forest.

Balsam looks very lovely, yet is a problematic plant. It competes with native plants for light, nutrients, pollinators and space, excluding other plants and reducing biodiversity. It dies back in the winter, leaving river banks bare and open to erosion. Dead leaves and plant debris from the weed block waterways and lead to flooding. It was introduced to the British Isles in 1839 by Victorian plant hunters who were keen on its beautiful pink flowers and exploding seed pods. The plant has had plenty of time to establish in the UK and, over the last 50 years, has spread rapidly.

We were accompanied by Groundwork UK, an amazing organisation, who work with communities and tackle issues – whether natural or man-made.

6P worked really, really hard to pull up as much of this destructive plant as they could, even making a pile of balsam which was as tall as Zayan!

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