Bowker Leader Applications

We are looking for new applicants to take on the exciting role of a Bowker Leader.
As a Bowker Leader, you are expected to be a role model and the voice of the children
You will be asked to:
·      Role model the Bowker Vale values (being respectful, honest, fair, proud and kind).
·      Represent Bowker Vale in both the school and the community.
·      Communicate with the school governors regularly.
·      Fundraise for the school and your chosen charities.
·      As a team, work within the community to improve local areas and increase community links.
·      Take part in assemblies. You will help to promote Children’s Rights and be a Leader of Learning.
A Bowker Leader needs to be confident, determined and have good communication and teamwork skills.
If you are chosen for the role you will wear our brand NEW red Bowker Leader jumper with pride!

Applications open for Year 4 to Year 6 (School Year 22-23)

To apply:

– ask your class teacher for an application form.

– Download an application form from our school blog.

– Return your application form to your class teacher by Monday the 4th of July.

You will need permission from your adult at home.

Please return your form to your class teacher by Monday 4th of July 2022.

There are a limited number of Bowker Leader positions available, so unfortunately not everyone who applies will be chosen. However, you may be added to our ‘Bowker members’ list which means you will be able to take part in larger Bowker Leader activities in and around school.

We are excited to read your application, good luck!

Miss O’Keeffe and the Bowker Leaders

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3 thoughts on “Bowker Leader Applications

  1. Hi! Its me sophia the 1st:) i will miss you all! And tell mr jones i hung his picture that he drew ln my wall and i am in love with all of your kind messages! And remember what miss alley said its not goodbye forever!

  2. Hi Sophia!
    Lovely to hear from you, we miss you and are glad that you have remembered our important words!
    Mrs Jacques (and Buddy!)

  3. Hello Sophia the 1st!
    How lovely to hear from you! We are so pleased that you have got in touch. Mr Jones is delighted that you have hung your picture up and we mean every word we said.
    We hope that your new term has got off to a great start and we are looking forward to hearing how you are getting on.
    Miss Allely and the SSC Team.

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