1S – The Great Science Share

Year 1S really enjoyed become Super Scientist when they took part in the Great Science Share on Tuesday.

First, in class we had to create a question that we wanted to investigate. We came up with ‘Do bigger bubbles last the longest?’ As a class we made predictions and gave reasons why. We had some great theories, Stanley said ” I think they will all last the same amount of time because they are made from the same thing”. Some children said the small bubbles because they float for longer and some said the big bubbles because they have more air inside.

We carried out the experiement outside using the 3 different sized bubbles and a stop watch. We discovered that the bigger bubbles lasted the longest.

Then it was time to get even more results as the whole school carried out our experiement during The Great Science Share.

We also enjoyed taking part in all the other year groups experiments and making and learning wonderful scientific discoveries from all of them!

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