Year 4 eggsperiment!

In year 4 Science, we are conducting an investigation to observe what happens to eggs when they are submerged in three different liquids for 4 days. We are using Coke, Ribena no added sugar and water.

We are using eggs because the egg shell is very similar to the enamel on our teeth. It can easily stain from drinks we consume. If we don’t brush our teeth at night and in the morning, the food and drink we have during the day is left to coat the tooth and can stain them permanently or lead to tooth decay!

Day one experiment

Results after 4 days in the liquids

Ribena egg- The shell had bubbled and we were able to scratch it off.

Coke egg- the shell was soft and scratched off easily.

Water egg- the egg shall was left undamaged.

The egg is acting as our tooth enamel and shows us how import it is to brush our teeth twice a day to remover sugary drinks and snacks!

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