SSC Class Tuesday Afternoon

Welcome back everybody!

Here are the activities for this afternoon:

Design Technology

There will be two options for today:

Option One: Design a Smoothie

We will be continuing to complete our design and technology booklet; ‘How to Design and Create a Smoothie’.

Job 1: Watch the video ‘Design A smoothie’ video below.

Complete page 5 of your booklet.

Option 2:  That’s a World Record!

Challenge Box

As we discussed last week, Bowker Vale is a ‘Rights Respecting’ school that promotes children’s rights. Last week, you learned all about children’s rights and identified which rights are the most important to you.

This week we are going to ask the question, do rights apply to everyone?

Watch the learning video and complete the activity below.

You can use the activity sheet template below to create your ‘Rights are for Everyone’ poster, or a plain piece of A4 paper.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

The SSC Team

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