SSC Class Friday Afternoon

Welcome back everyone, we hope you have had a fantastic morning.

Here are the activities for this afternoon:


This term, we will be focusing on how to work scientifically and different weather types.

Working Scientifically

We know that if you are at home you won’t be able to record how many times the SSC plays kickball. Instead, can you practise your data recording skills by completing the tally chart below?

Extreme Weather

Each week in science, we will be looking at different types of weather.

This week, we will be learning about blizzards.

Job 2: Blizzards

What is a blizzard?

Can you answer the following questions in your own words?

  1. What is a blizzard?
  2. What causes a blizzard?
  3. Do we have blizzards in the UK, and what are the effects?

Job 3: Snow

There will be two choices of activity.

Option One: Snow Experiment

Option Two: Symmetrical Snowflakes


This week in PE, we will be practising our chest pass.

Chest pass warm ups include push ups, planks and arm punches.

Job 1: Lets Get Active!

Can you complete the plank and push up exercises below:

What is a chest pass?

If you can, practise a chest pass using a ball and your garden space at home.

Or if you would prefer, complete this week’s PE With Joe lesson.

Job 2: Ball Bouncing Challenge!

Boy In Red Shirt Bouncing Basketball Stock Vector - Illustration of clipart,  object: 79623299

How many times can you bounce a ball in your left hand in a minute? How many times can you bounce the ball in your right hand in a minute? You can use any ball you have at home.

sports-balls-clipart – Masjid AlSalam

Challenge: Can your adult at home beat your score?

Record your practise and best attempts scores in the table below.

Well done for completing a full week of home learning, you have all done amazing and we are very proud of how you have all adapted to our new routine.

Please take a look at this week’s ‘SSC’s Amazing Work Blog’, and leave a comment if you can.

Have a great weekend,

The SSC Team

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