SSC Class Thursday Afternoon

We hope you have all had a good morning, here are the activities for this afternoon:


Option One: Wild Weather Painting

Today, we are going to practise our brush stroke technique by creating a ‘wild weather’ painting.

Watch the learning video below:

I have also added a YouTube video if you would like to learn more about paint brushes and brush stroke techniques.

Option Two: Thomas Moran

What else did Thomas Moran paint?
In previous art lessons, we have looked at the work of ‘Thomas Moran’. In week one, we discussed his painting ‘Shipwreck at sea’.

This week, I would like you to research three other paintings by Thomas Moran.

Answer the following questions:

What is the name of the painting?

What is happening in the painting?

Challenge: What year was the painting created?

Challenge Box

This week, we have been learning all about children’s rights and why they are important.

Here are some great examples of your ‘Rights Respecting’ work this week:

Your job for today is to complete the human rights word search below, and discuss what you have learnt about your rights with your adult.

Great work everyone,

The SSC Team

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