Good Morning SSC Class

Hello everyone! Wow, it’s Thursday already! Everybody has worked very hard this week and we are very proud of you all.


This will be the last day this week that you are completing these spellings. When you are back in school next week, we will see which ones you can remember and which ones you need to keep practising.




Well done everyone for completing the first draft of your ‘Wild Winter’ description yesterday.

Job 1: Green Pen Challenges

Complete your green pen challenges.

Yesterday, Miss Allely and Miss O’Keeffe would have sent you feedback asking you to make any changes or additions to your first draft of your ‘Wild Winter’ description. Please complete any changes on the copy of your first draft.

Job 2: Final Draft

Today you are going to write the final draft of your ‘Wild Winter’ description. Include any changes you made from your ‘green pen challenge’ activity.

Either use the template below or lined paper to write up your final draft.

A copy of your ‘Wild Winter’ descriptions will be published in your writing journey books at school, and published on the school blog.

This will make you a published author!

We are very proud of your English work in the SSC, now is the time to prove that you can create WAGOLL pieces of writing by including all of your English non negotiables and writing in your best cursive handwriting.

We can’t wait to read your final draft.


At Bowker Vale, we believe that being a successful reader is essential for all our pupils. Children who read every day will develop better vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Accelerated Reader

At Bowker Vale, we have now started a new reading programme called Accelerated Reader. The only way to become really good at understanding what we read is through practise. Reading is a skill, so the more that we do it then the better we will become, which is why we hope this new system will encourage pupils to read even more than before.

A home link to Accelerated Reader is the digital platform myON.

If you would like more details about our reading programmes at Bowker Vale please follow this link:

All of the children in the SSC have an account and have accessed myON within school. A lot of the children are confident in using the myON reading programme and also enjoy it.

You should have all received an email containing your child’s log in and instructions to access myON from home.

We would like each child to complete at least fifteen minutes of reading on myON each day whilst home learning. Please encourage your child to do this and let us know if you encounter any problems. If you read a book separate from the myON website, maybe one you have at home, that is fine too; please let us know and we will record this.


Classroom Group

Today we will be applying what we have learned so far this week.

Activity Room Group

Have a brilliant morning everyone,

The SSC Team

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