Year 1 – 13.1.21 Home Learning

Good morning Year 1, here are the home learning activities for today.

Please join us at 10.15am for the Google Meet where we will go through each of the activities.


Phonics will be part of the Google Meet this morning. The sound today is ‘ee’ as in ‘bee’.


Today we want you to think like the Evil Pea from Supertato! What naughty things could the evil pea get up to in your house? Have a think and write down some ideas. Maybe he messes up your toys or books, or hides your teddies. Set up some of your ideas and take pictures of the chaos he’s created in your house.


Using the sheet in your pack labelled ‘Maths – Day7’, we would like you to fill in the missing numbers. When you have finished this you can play an ordering numbers game on Topmarks. This is a good game to play.


This activity is an art activity. Don’t worry if you don’t have these things at home, we do have an alternative activity. We would like you to do some printing using the fruit and vegetables we have looked at the past couple of weeks. Cut them in half and use them to print and create a picture.

If you don’t have paint or fruit and veg at home then you can make some Supertato characters using playdough or make them by drawing them.

There will be another Google Meet at 1.45pm.

Remember to send photos of your learning to the class email address and look out for them on the blog later today.

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