Good Morning SSC Class

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the start of a brand new week. Thank you to everyone who has adapted really well to home learning again. We know that you have only had a little bit of time back in school and it is really unfortunate that this has happened again so quickly. We are very proud of all the effort that you have made already with your home learning.


This half term we are going to be thinking about all the things which keep us as individual humans healthy.

Can you find any other facts to share with the rest of the class? If you can, leave a comment at the bottom of the blog.
Is it your heart or your brain? What would happen if you didn’t have a skeleton? What would happen to you if you couldn’t think any thoughts?
Think about what you might eat. How many hours sleep do you need a night? What would happen if you only ate unhealthy food?


This half term our new class book is ‘Rhythm of the Rain’. We looked at the front cover last week and we have begun to make some predictions.

Please watch this video which explains the water cycle.

If you don’t have a dictionary you can use an online dictionary to find the meaning of these nouns.

This is a really good online dictionary. If you type the word in it will pronounce it for you and will explain the meaning.


Every Monday we work on multiplication facts.

Today we would like everybody to go on the following website to practise your multiplication facts.

You have a choice of two times table challenges to complete today.

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