Friday Morning SSC Class

Good morning SSC Class.

Well done for completing your first learning week of 2021!

Unfortunately we are now back to home learning for the next week as a full class, but don’t worry we know you will be amazing as always!

This morning’s activities are:


We know how great you are at your timetables, and we know that you understand that we need to practise them regularly so that we don’t forget them.

Complete the multiplication questions below.

Classroom Group

Activity Room Group


Each Friday, the SSC class learn all about geography and history in our topic lesson. Our Topic theme this term is ‘The World of Work’.

World Of Work Week , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

This week we are looking at the historian Robert Ripley, and all of the bizarre and amazing facts he discovered. We will also be discussing the difference between geography and history.

Job 1: Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

We know a lot about history thanks to the research of many historians around the world. A historian is someone who studies and writes about the past, they are similar to a really good detective! Click the link below to learn more about historians:,Description,to%20the%20truth%20as%20possible.

A famous historian is a man named Robert Ripley, although he was very unique compared to most historians! Mr Ripley liked to study the most weird and wonderful people, things, places and events around the world!

A lot of the events and things Mr Ripley discovered are very dangerous, never attempt any yourself.

Robert Ripley shared his fascinating facts from around the world with others in his museums and videos.

Your first job for today is to follow the link below and read some of the unusual events that are recorded in the ‘Guinness World Records for Children’ book.

What is the most interesting fact you find? Share the fact with us by writing it down and drawing a picture, or create a picture collage on your home learning device. Alternatively, simply copy the picture and write a sentence about it, like the example below.

Amazing Fact: This is the world’s smallest fidget spinner. It is only 5.09 mm long and is made in Japan.

Job 2: History and Geography

In Topic lessons we learn lots of facts about both history and geography. We research lots of different events and locations, and learn lots of different skills.

Last term, we learnt all about ‘Extreme Explorers’ and the skills we needed to be an explorer, such as map skills, climbing and history knowledge. History and geography are closely linked but what is the difference between the two?

History is the study of events, people and places from the past.
Geography is the study of places, and the relationship between people and their environment.

Follow the links below to conduct your own research on history and geography.

Find five key words or pictures linked to history and geography. You can use the template above or design your own. Challenge: What history or geography skill do you want to learn this term?

Have a great morning everyone, we can’t wait to see all of your exciting research and facts!

The SSC Team

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