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Welcome back everybody!


This term in Art we will be completing weather themed art activities, and creating pieces of art linked to our class book ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’. Each week, we will be practising and developing our colour knowledge, and working towards creating an art sculpture by the end of the Spring term.

Today you have a choice of two art activities to complete. Complete one activity of your choice.

Option One: Colours linked to weather.

The children in class will be looking at colours associated with different types of weather, and will be creating a shaded picture inspired by the weather.

Watch the video below to complete the weather art activity.

Alternatively, follow the instructions below to create a weather bottle.

Option Two: Weather bottle.

What would the weather look like in a bottle?

Weather Bottle Instructions

First, think about what type of weather bottle you want to create.

For example, this could be a wind weather bottle or a sunshine weather bottle.

There is a picture of more examples below:

Think creatively about each weather type. Some weather might be associated with bright and vibrant colours, other weather might make you think of dull colours. Rain makes me think of the colour blue, because I associate it with water and being wet!

Weather can also be associated with seasons. Windy weather makes me think of autumn and autumn leaves, like the bottle displayed in the picture.

Once you have decided on a weather type, gather materials from around your home or outside surroundings that suit your theme. Don’t add anything you need to re use as we are going to add water!

Get an empty bottle and add your materials. Next, you need to get an empty bottle and fill it with water. After that, add your materials to the bottle.  You should now have a weather bottle as a result! You can also decorate the outside of your weather bottle if you wish. When you have finished, take a picture of your bottle and send it to the SSC email. Don’t forget to label the bottle with the weather name… unless you want us to guess it!

We can’t wait to see your weather art creations!

weather-clip-art-4 - Raza Properties

Challenge Box

This week we have been completing activities linked to New Year celebrations.

Please complete the word search below:

A printed copy of the word search has been sent home in this week’s learning pack.

Well done for today everyone,

The SSC Team

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