Wednesday 6th January- Year 3 Homelearning

Good morning everyone!

We hope that you are all ok and ready for another day of home learning. We are going to start our learning with a reading activity. In your home learning packs you will find a reading sheet all about The Stone Age.

We would like you to carefully read the text using lots of different strategies to help you. As you are reading don’t forget to look for words within words, use your phonics and think carefully about the punctuation that is used when reading aloud.

Once you have read the text we would like you to find the following key words.

If you are unsure as to what some words mean then use the glossary at the bottom of the second page or you could use the online dictionary below.

For today’s English task, we would like you to use your predict skills to show me what happens next. Here are the first few pages of the story.

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We would like you to predict what happens next. We are going to do this by creating a comic strip of what happens next. Your comic strip will be made up of 3 pictures and 3 sentences. Remember a full sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a piece of punctuation such as a full stop, question mark or an exclamation mark. Here is one I have made.

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For maths we are going to continue to look at 2D shapes. We would like you to complete the following sheet, which you can find in your home learning packs.

The website below is great if you need some help.

This afternoon we would like you to complete a wellbeing activity linked to one of Miss Smith’s favourite books- The Invisible String.

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Today we are going to think of those who we love, but can’t see at the moment. This could be a family member or a friend. We are going to create our own invisible string to show that although we aren’t together we are still connected by our love. Here is the one I created. I created myself (Miss Smith) and Mrs Rowley because even though we aren’t together right now, we arre still an excellent team!

We hope that you all have a fantastic day. There will also be some extra activities set on seesaw. If you don’t know your username and password then please email your class teacher as we will no longer be using the blog, but seesaw next week.

Have a fantastic day. Mrs Kershaw and Miss Smith.

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