17/12/20 3KT Home Learning

Good morning year 3! To start the day we are going to get our bodies moving with a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer dance routine.

After I would like you to watch the following advert about the greatest gift.

The advert is all about how the best Christmas present that you can give is a gift of love and time spent with the people that you care about. After you have watched the video clip I would like you to design and make a Christmas card for someone that you really care about and want to say thankyou to. Here are some designs that you could draw on the front of your card.

Inside your card I would like you to write a thankyou message. What is it that this person does that you want to say thankyou for?

After it is time for your maths task. In your just in case packs you have a fact or fib activity all about place value.

Finally in the afternoon I would like you to watch your favourite Christmas film or listen to a Christmas story. There is a great book on myon called The Tallest Snowman, which I have really enjoyed reading.

My favourite film is the The Polar Express as it is a really exciting story where you just don’t know what is going to happen next. I would love to know what your favourite Christmas film is too.

Have a fantastic day, keep smiling and remember it is nearly the holidays.

Mrs Kershaw and Mrs Rogers.

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