Home learning in 3KT

Good morning everyone!

I know that things are a little different than what we expected, but we are still going to have a fantastic week of home learning. Like before we will have 2 google meets each day and work will be posted on the blog for you to complete.

For today I would like you to complete some of the activities in your just in case pack 2. To start I would like you to write some sentences to describe this spooky house in the woods.

At the bottom of the page you have a word bank to help. You could also use an online theasurus to make your description even better.


Think carefully about what you might be able to hear, smell and see.

Next I would like you to complete the maths subtraction and addition sheet.

Think carefully about the methods that you use. You may be able to work some of them out in your head or you may use column addition or subtraction.

Finally to end the morning I would like you to do the year 3 Autumn Term 1 SPaG Mat.

Please don’t forget to send any work completed to our class email address. I know that this is a very different week than we had planned, but you are all fantastic and amazing! Any questions then please just email as we are here to help.

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