Year 3S homelearning for those self isolating

Good morning,

Here are your lessons for today.

English- follow the Oak Academy lesson on expanded noun phrases and then use them to write a story about the picture below. Use the questions to help form your story and remember to use capital letters and full stops.


Join our maths lesson at 11pm. Then have a go at the short division questions below.


This afternoon I would like you to create a piece of rainbow art to dress our tree at school.

The rainbow in a window was a sign of hope and thanks during the first lockdown. We are going to create a rainbow to spread hope and positivity to all those who walk past our tree.

I would also like you to write a letter thanking somebody in school who keeps you safe and happy. This could be any member of our Bowker Vale community.

I hope you have a fabulous day,

Miss Smith

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