SSC Friday Afternoon Check In

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back!

Here are the activities for this afternoon:


Please complete the Joe Wicks workout.

If you want something more challenging why don’t you complete the ‘Time to get active!’ lesson and quiz on Oak Academy. This a video that will help you understand the importance of exercise and a healthy balanced diet.

Challenge Box

This week we have been learning all about continents of the world.

Can you create a fact file about a continent?

Complete the sentences about a continent of your choice. Think about the continent activities you have completed during the week.


Your homework for this weekend is to listen to the remainder of our class book ‘Voices in the Park’. There will be questions about the book on Monday.

Great job this week everyone. We understand it is hard working from home and such a big change to your routine, but you are doing really well.

Have a great weekend,

The SSC Team

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