5M Friday Home Learning

Good morning 5M!

You have all been working so hard this week. I am so proud of each and every one of you. Keep it up!

So Berry Proud Of You

All of your activities for today are on Seesaw once again. Please make sure you submit your tasks before 2.30pm.

For one of your activities, you will be writing an acrostic poem to share with Upper School.

Here are some examples of poetic features that you can include in your poem:

  • rhyme and rhythm
  • similes e.g. the bright ornament was as round and red as Rudolph’s nose, the falling icicle cut like a dagger through the snow
  • metaphors e.g. the tree was a statue of ornaments, a blanket of snow covered the rooftops
  • onomatopoeia e.g. splash, crunch, ding ding
  • personification e.g. the lights on the tree winked at me, the tree smiled as Santa piled the gifts, stars peeking from behind the moon

Hope you all have fun writing your poems.

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