SSC Thursday Morning Check In

Good morning and welcome to fun Thursday! You are all doing a great job of your home learning, well done and keep it up.

Here are the activities for this morning:


Can you write your spellings in cursive writing? You practise your fine motor skills every Tuesday so we would like you apply your skills when completing your spelling activities.

All: Hour, move, prove, improve and sure

Challenge: organisation, education, preparation, location, exaggeration and concentration


Today there are different activities for each group.

Classroom Group

Yesterday you did a fantastic job starting your first draft of a park description. We are going to continue writing our park descriptions today.

Job 1: Green Pen Challenge.

You have all received feedback about your first paragraph of your park’s description.

Please complete any green pen challenges and corrections that you have been asked to make.

Job 2: Park description.

Can you write the second paragraph of your park description? Today you will be creating the ‘playground’ section of your big write.

Re watch the WAGOLL video from yesterday and use the resource pictures to help write your description.


Don’t forget follow and complete your big write task plan.

Activity Room Group

Yesterday you began your big write by creating a sentence to describe each part of your park description; the beginning, middle and end.

Today you will complete your first draft by creating another sentence to describe each section. This can be a statement sentence, question sentence or exclamation sentence.

Use the template below to add your sentences from yesterday and today to each section.

I have added resources below to help you. Don’it forget to complete your big write task plan.

Park Description Example


Classroom Group

Multiplying a two digit number by a two digit number

Please complete this question carefully.

Use the long multiplication method to complete these questions:

Activity Room Group

Today you will begin work on division.

Please watch and listen to the video carefully and then answer the questions.

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