SSC Thursday Afternoon Check In

Welcome back everybody.

Here are the activities for this afternoon:


You have two options for today’s art lesson.

Option 1: Create a yarn letter.

Watch the video and follow the instructions to create a yarn letter. If you don’t have yarn at home you could use string instead.

Option 2: Super Santa!

As it’s 2020 Santa would like a new and improved Santa suit. Can you create a new suit for Santa? Think about what Santa’s suit looks like now and what could be improved.

For example, does Santa need a gadget belt to help him out ? Or does he need a new sack to put all the presents in?

Once you have drawn your design, colour it in and label it.

Here is Mr Jones’ example:

We can’t wait to see what Santa is going to be wearing for Christmas 2020!

Challenge Box

This week in challenge box we have been learning about continents of the world.

Can you prove your knowledge by completing the world map below? Label each continent correctly.

Enjoy the rest of your day,

The SSC Team

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