5M- Home learning tasks

Hi 5M, below are three tasks (Maths, English and Topic) that need to be completed today and emailed back by 2.30pm this afternoon to class5m@bowkervale.manchester.sch.uk.


Complete the above addition calculations. Some can be done mentally and for the others, you will need to use column addition. Email the answers to the calculations showing your working out where you have used the column method.

For B2, your reply to me should show the correction AND an explanation of what they did wrong or forgot.

English- For your English task today, we are going to continue revising our knowledge of co-ordinating conjunctions. 

There are 7 co-ordinating conjunctions that we need to know in Year 5.

I would like you to follow the instructions on the sheets and complete each of the mini activities. I have attached the activities as a document for you to download. Complete the activities on the sheets, or write your answers on a piece of paper and email your answers to our class email address.

Topic- We have learned a great deal about the Ancient Egyptians from how they mummify a body to the benefits of the River Nile.

One thing a lot of you have been interested in is the Ancient Egyptian language called Hieroglyphics. The language is made up of pictures and symbols that all stand for a sound.

Below are the symbols used to represent the letters of the alphabet.

Your task is to ‘crack the code’ to work out what each word says. Once you have done this, see if you can write your name in Hieroglyphics.

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