Wonderful Wednesday!

Good morning 2C, Let’s get ready for another fabulous day of home learning.

This morning I would like you start your day with a Joe Wicks workout. Then join our Google meet session at 9.30 for some more exciting learning.

Then it’s time for your English task! Can you use the plan that you created yesterday to write the beginning, build up and problem of your story?

Remember to use your targets…

After that, it’s time to complete maths sheet 8.

Finally, let’s end the day with some science!

Who is Alan Turing?

We have finished our unit on ‘Living things and their habitats’, so over the next few days we are going to be learning all about extraordinary scientists. In this lesson, we will learn about Alan Turing’s main achievements. We will learn how to break a code and write our own codes! https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/who-is-alan-turing-crt3ac?step=2&activity=video

Have a great day year 2! I am super proud of your achievements this week!

Miss Clark

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