Year 3KT home learning

Good morning year 3. Wow what stars you are. We have been amazed by your hard work this week. You have completed all of the different tasks with a smile on your face. Lets start our morning with some yoga.

For today’s English task we are going to be using adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe a picture.

You could use the adjectives word bank in your Just In Case pack for some ideas.

I would start by making a word bank of adjectives and then putting some of them into a sentence. Extra challenge: Can you use a theasaurus or an online theasaurus to find a new and exciting piece of vocabulary?

In maths today I would like you to practise your times tables. Watch the videos and sing along.

Now I want you to get creative with your multiplication knowledge. Can you make a game, a poster of even a video to show me your knowledge of multiplication?

For your afternoon activity. I would like you to look through the power point on anti bullying week. Then complete the activities on the last slide

Don’t forget for our final google meet of the week I would like you to either dress up or wear something bright and colourful. Don’t forget to bring a cake or biscuit along.

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