Thursday’s Home learning Year 3KT

Good morning. I was amazed by your work yesterday you have worked really hard. Lets start our day with a 5 minute move session with The body coach.

In maths today I would like you to find and make your digit cards.

You need to choose 3 cards. What is the largest number you can make? What is the smallest number you can make? Then read through the power point presentation. It will explain what you need to do.

For today’s reading task we are going to be learning all about fossils.

Find the reading text ‘Fossils’ in your Just In Case pack.

In this video Miss Smith will talk you through the text and the questions.

Start by carefully reading through the text. Highlight any words you are unsure of. Could you use an online dictionary to find the definition?

Next can you answer the questions?

For today’s Science activity we are going to create a topic dictionary for our new Science topic- Light!

Can you use your Light knowledge organiser to create a dictionary of topic words for our Light topic?

Have a great day year 3. I can’t wait to see you at our google meet sessions tomorrow. You have worked so hard and I am proud of all that you have achieved. Have fun and smile lots!

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