SSC Morning Check In

Good morning and welcome to our last day of home learning on the blog!

Here are the activities for this morning:


What fantastic spelling work this week! Today we would like you to practise your spellings using pyramid writing.

All: even, everybody, Christmas, parents, money and half

Challenge: organisation, imagination, concentration, location and education


You have three jobs to complete for English today.

There are different jobs to complete for each group: classroom group and activity room group. Please complete the jobs for the group that you are in.

Classroom Group

Job 1: Inverted commas.

Yesterday, we learnt about inverted commas. Can you highlight the sentences that have used inverted commas correctly?

Remember that inverted commas need to include a piece of speech and punctuation. Recap yesterday’s learning video, inverted commas to show direct speech, to help you.

Highlight the sentences that are correct.

Job 2: Conversations.

When you write more than one sentence that includes direct speech, you need to start a new line for a new speaker.

Today, you need to write a conversation between two characters from our class book ‘Voices in the Park’. Watch the video below.

Can you write a conversation for the pictures below?

Remember for each new speaker you need a new line, and don’t forget to include all of your direct speech non negotiables.

Activity Group

Job 1: Nouns.

Job 2: Apostrophe to show possession.

Can you use an apostrophe to show possession?

Watch the video from yesterday to recap how to use an apostrophe for possession.

Write a sentence for each image below.

Add an apostrophe and the letter s to the correct noun to show possession.


Job 1: Green pen challenges

Do you know your division facts for the six times table without any adult help?

Job 1: Green pen challenges

Do you know your division facts for the four times table without any adult help?

Have a good morning,

The SSC Team

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