SSC Afternoon Check In

Good afternoon SSC class! We hope you have had a good morning.

These are the activities for this afternoon:

Design Technology

Today, the SSC class are making finger puppets. We have attached a video of the PowerPoint we will be using in class. This will show step by step instructions for you to follow, if you would like to create a finger puppet at home.

Finger puppet template.

Challenge Box

This week it is Anti-Bullying week.

The theme this year is United Against Bullying, which means together we are against bullying.

Bullying is hurting someone on purpose, either mentally or physically, over and over again.

Over the next few days, we will be completing activities themed around Anti-Bullying week and kindness.

You have a choice of two activities today.

Option 1: Discuss the scenario cards with an adult and write down your answers for each question.

Challenge: Write your answers in full sentences.

Option 2: Complete the Anti – Bullying Week word search.

Well done for today everyone.

The SSC Team

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